Like their land based counterparts, online slots, like those offered by NetEnt, pay out at totally at random. The game math behind the slot pays out according to it's own unique ay table and symbol schematics. For information about NetEnt slots or to see where to play them online for money, see .

The Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the basis of online gaming, specifically online slots. Without the RNG, online slot games will not be fair or fun. At online casinos that use random number generators (like the NetEnt casinos found here: ), Number shuffling is done via mathematical formula to ensure every wheel spun is completely random and unpredictable.

  1. The RNG is the cornerstone of online gambling
  2. The workings of the RNG

NetEnt's online casinos all use RNGs, more specifically known as pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs). These are computer algorithms that mathematically fabricate stings of numbers automatically at random. The base of this series is a fixed seed number. NetEnt's game developers manipulate this seed number in the game code thereby controlling the return to player rate.


What is return to player (RTP)?

The Return to Player (RTP) rate is the percentage of stakes on a game that is eventually returned to the players through winning. The general RTP of slot games developed by NetEnt, is theoretically about 96%. Practically this means that for every 100 coins the player bets on a slot game, 96 coins will be returned to him.

When you play a NetEnt slot game, there is 'actual RTP' which is calculated by taking the total wins in a session and divide it by the total bets placed in that session. If the player session is short then actual RTP can be different to theoretical RTP. The RTP shown is average RTP for a long session.

What about Free to play games

There is a concern that NetEnt's free to play games do not have the RTP as the real money games and that they are used to dupe the player into thinking that the games are loose. NetEnt assures that these games have the same RTP as in is required by law in many countries.

Another concern is that casinos change the RTP rates to suit the casino's bank account. NetEnt games' RTP cannot be changed. When NetEnt games are certified, the certification reflects the RTP developed for the game. If there is an audit and it is found to be changed, the casino can loose its licence and can be shut down.

Slot symbols explained

NetEnt's online slot games look a lot differnt to those clunky land-based slot games of days gone by. The graphics and sounds that are developed by the NetEnt games studio all combine to give the player a mind-blowing experience. NEtEnt games feature a multitude of graphics, symbols, betlines and soundtracks in the gameplay.

  • Symbols
  • Betlines

Symbols on online slot games can have various functions. A Wild is a symbol that is used to substitute any other symbol used in the game - much like a joker in cards. A Scatter symbol is a symbol that is user to trigger a bonus feature in the game, for instance a bonus wheel or a free spin.

What are Betlines?

Betlines are a way to determine a win in slot games. If the reels display the same symbols then the players gets a payout. Betways allows the player a win if three or more symbols only appear on the reels. Clusterpays counts the symbols in a cluster. All payouts are determined by the pay table.

To conclude, a NetEnt slot is a computer version of a slot machine game which works with a RNG at the heart of it. The RTP is a percentage much the player can expect back of the money he bets. NetEnt slots feature plenty symbols and graphics that aid to enhance the player experience. For more information, see